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About Anglin Construction

Anglin Construction is a Delaware based, family owned and operated small business. We have been serving Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey since 2005, however owner Stuart Anglin has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Stuart is third generation in the construction industry and his sons are fourth generation. We specialize in residential construction, commercial and industrial construction, and cultured marble manufacturing.

Anglin Construction is more than a typical home improvement company. We are a full service construction company that also manufactures our own kitchen and bathroom products. In an effort to provide our customers with an easy planning and construction process we have a friendly design team that is able to help you with project ideas, provide you with conceptual drawings so you can see your project come to life, and work with you to take into consideration special circumstances or budgetary restraints to create the best possible design and build for you.

At Anglin Construction we believe that your home is your biggest investment. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and live by our mission statement:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a premier provider of quality construction services. We believe in continued growth through excellent customer service, original and innovative solutions, quality workmanship, and a commitment to service. We seek to stand out in our field by continually and successfully providing our customers with honesty, integrity, and foresight in all stages of their project.

We ask that you put your trust into Anglin Construction. Our knowledge, service, and skills set us miles apart from our competitors because anything less than right is just wrong.